International Clinical Skills Foundation
Sharing knowledge

Mission Statement

The purposes of the foundation are to improve clinical skills teaching and learning internationally. Not just physical clinical skills but also communication and teamwork, and to enhance learning cultures within health systems.

We aim to develop clinical education expertise in lower and middle income countries to generate self-sufficient education centres that are well connected with existing networks in the rest of the world, helping health care educators in these countries to join the global conversation.

By creating sustainability within their own educational practices and medical facilities, programs will be developed that bring them up to date with current innovations, and facilitate advances in the context of their own health systems.

Areas of Clinical Skills Development

  • Preparing junior health professionals for the work context
  • Communication in inter-professional teams
  • Developing healthcare education curricula in low-middle income countries
  • Assessment of Clinical skills teaching and learning
  • Creating educational innovation in emerging health systems
  • Evaluating new methods of training
  • Priorities in clinical skills education in low resource countries
  • Promoting and disseminating best clinical practice
Practising procedures on a mannequin
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